Labrador Connect 2022

Once again it's back to Labrador, this time I will be completing the loop that I covered half of in 2019.

The trip will start and finish in the same locations as in 2019. I will be starting my trip from the Trans-Labrador Hwy east of Labrador City (note that the Hwy does not appear on the Topo maps).

This year I will be paddling north instead of south, downstream on the Ashuanipi, there are some rapids of unknown volume in the first 80km followed by 100km or so of the Manihek Lakes (reservoir).

I will portage around the dam and power station and make my way south through a series of "lakes" which form the most northwesterly portion of the Smallwood Reservoir. About 200km to reach the Gabbro Structure which controls the flow of water from the Ossokmanuan Reservoir into the main Smallwood Reservoir. This will require the (hopefully) last of 2 portages on the route, uphill this time. All that will be left is about 50km across the Ossokmanuan Reservoir to the take out at the Trans-Labrador Hwy.

I won't be on a firm schedule, as usual I will take a few layovers when the weather is lousy or I'm just feeling lazy. I expect to start on July 28th or 29th and finish about 4 weeks later.

Mapshare Page

You can follow my progress here, I will be sending tracking every 10 minutes while I am on the water. I will post generic messages when I leave in the "morning" and when I find a place to camp at the end of my day. From time to time I will post more detailed messages if there is something of note to report.

Click the link below to go direct to my page and view in full screen mode, NOTE: It defaults to show only the most recent track, to see my progress from the beginning click the "View All Tracks" button -------------> Over There!

Direct Link To Mapshare Tracking Page

This interactive map shows my basic route, I have provided two versions, one is a Satellite view the other is 1:50000 Topographic maps. If you want to play around with the various available map layers click the "open in Caltopo" link in the upper left corner of the map to view it from the source at CalTopo. This will allow you to use advanced options, add map layers, change the way the layers display and other features.

The Green line is my 2019 route